Telegram Channel To Get Instant Alerts For Best Deal And Offer

Hello readers of Dealsnloot, Who in the era of online shopping doesn’t enjoy a good deal? particularly if it just pops into your phone! Explore the Dealsnloot Telegram Channel, your one-stop shop for all things bargains and loots.

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Deal hunters have relied on Dealsnloot since the site’s launch. Recall the commotion surrounding the Dealsnloot Push Notification Service when it first debuted four months ago? On the strength of that achievement, we are pleased to announce the “Dealsnloot Telegram Channel.”

Join Our Telegram Channel From Here

Telegram Channel
best telegram channel for deals and offers

Perks of Joining Dealsnloot Telegram Channel

Handpicked Deals and Instant Alerts

Say farewell to lost opportunities or loot. You may receive immediate alerts about the greatest bargains via our Telegram channel. Additionally, we handpick the best offers of the day to keep you updated.

Priority Access and Exclusive Contests

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Exclusive freebies and contests are only available to Telegram members. And what about those transactions that end in an instant? Priority access is granted to you even before they go live on our website!

Mechanism for Feedback and Instant Shopping Alerts

Participate in Dealsnloot’s expansion. Participate in surveys and feedback to influence our future. Get immediate alerts as well for the best sales and promotions.

Trick To Get Amazon And Flipkart Massive Price Drops: 70% to 90% Shopping Loot Deals

How To Join Dealsnloot Telegram Channel  :-

The Sign-Up Process

  1. If you’re not on Telegram yet, download it here.
  2. Complete the sign-up, then click on this link and tap “View Channel” to subscribe.

Tips for a Seamless Experience

  1. Once in, hit the “Join” button. Welcome aboard!
  2. A golden rule? Never hit “Mute.” You don’t want to miss out on any loot deal notifications.
  3. For easy access, pin our channel to the top on your Telegram homepage.
  4. If You Are Getting Late Notifications, Then Must Follow Below Steps.
    📲Steps : Click On Channel Name > Tap On Notifications > Customize > Enable Custom Notifications > Importance > Change To “Urgent”
    Most Important : If You Have Muted Us, Then You May Miss Many Loots, So Unmute Now & Enjoy Looting. 🙂

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✅Some loot proofs have been grabbed by Dealsnloot Telegram users 😍🤩🥳

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Upcoming Loot Deals And Offers Sales 2023 –

Diwali Sale 2023
Attention shoppers!

India will host the greatest sale of the year in October 2023! You can anticipate unbelievable discounts and bargains during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale and the Amazon Festival Sale on everything from smartphones to laptops to home appliances.

Avoid missing out!Join our Telegram channel right away to receive updates on all of the newest discounts and promotions. You won’t find any other discounts or coupons posted anywhere else besides on our site.


P.S. We’ll also be giving away some amazing prizes during the sale, so make sure you’re following us to be in the running!

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Why the Shift from WhatsApp Broadcast?

Challenges with WhatsApp Broadcast

Our WhatsApp Broadcast had its limitations:

1. Sending a single message to our 22,000 users across 86 broadcast groups was time-consuming.

2. Storage issues arose as each message sent was stored 22,000 times.

3. Even high-end phones struggled with the broadcast process.

4. App lags and delays became frequent.

5. Many users replied back, leading to app processing challenges.

Benefits of Telegram Compared to WhatsApp

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The experience is optimized using Telegram. In contrast to WhatsApp, where being online is necessary, Telegram guarantees that you will receive loot offers right away if you are connected.

Growth and Future Plans for the Dealsnloot Telegram Channel

The Telegram community is expanding! We have close to 2,700 members and a goal of 10,000, so our path is fantastic. And with your help, by spreading the word about our channel link, we can reach this milestone even more quickly.


The Dealsnloot Telegram Channel is a community as well as a platform. a neighborhood that thrives on the excitement of bargains, the delight of finding treasures, and the love of shopping. So, are you prepared to participate in this thrilling journey?

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