Antivirus and Mobile Security

Strong web security against dangerous attacks is offered by Quick Heal Total Security, which has received AV-Test certification. It stops phishing and harmful websites, checks all apps, delivers strong anti-theft measures, and protects kids with parental control tools. Antivirus


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Key Highlights:

Antivirus Protection – Scan your device in real-time for any new or current malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses found online. It also provides on-demand virus removal services for downloaded apps. Options for Quick and Full Scan

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Anti-Theft – Protects your device and personal information in case your device is stolen or lost

Privacy Protection – Notifies you if any personal information, such as your email address or password, is stolen, or if any platform or program secretly activates your camera or microphone.

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Device Security – Sends information to the specified email address about the image and location of any unauthorized individual who tries to access your device without your knowledge.

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Key Features:

Antivirus protection:

automatically checks downloaded files, programs, and other content for viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, etc.

ensures app security before and after download from the Play Store, and provides individualized scan choices, such as on-demand Scheduled Scan, Quick and Full Scan

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Data Breach Alert*:

It checks to see whether your email addresses or other sensitive information has been exposed from your accounts and offers suggestions on how to guard against data breaches.

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Parental Control

Make sure that parents have the ability to restrict what their kids can do on their mobile devices, including the websites and apps they can access as well as any unsuitable websites and apps. The cloud console’s daily records on websites and apps utilized can be viewed by parents.

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  • Complete protection of your important data in case your device is stolen or lost.
  • Remotely lock/block your phone completely, get mobile location, ring an alarm, and wipe out your data from your mobile device using a cloud console

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  • Scans your device environment, installed apps, files, and Wi-Fi Network to ensure complete safety for all your financial transactions made via payment apps for online shopping, banking, paying bills, etc.

Intruder Alert*:

  • Captures the image, and location of the unauthorized person who tries to access your device without your knowledge or permission and sends Intruder details to the configured email address

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Safe Browsing:

  • Blocks infected and fraudulent websites to protect your device from all kinds of malware and websites that try to steal your valuable data such as banking details, user credentials, social security information, and passwords

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  • Alerts you when your device camera or microphone is turned on, so your privacy is not violated by any unauthorized apps or platforms

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Wi-Fi Security:

  • Scans all the Wi-Fi networks and alerts when attempting to connect to an unsafe network

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Secure Delete*:

  • Securely delete your sensitive or confidential data permanently so that it cannot be retrieved by anyone

Note: * Star-marked features are available only in the Premium version


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To lock and locate your smartphone or wipe device data in the event that it is lost or stolen, this software utilizes smartphone Administrator rights.

The Safe Browsing function, which protects users from fraudulent/malicious and phishing links, needs accessibility permission to be enabled. Once our antivirus product flags a link as suspicious, we block it and advise the user to shut it, protecting the user.

As the Full Scan feature cannot access these files by default, All File Access permission is necessary to enable full scanning of all the files present on the device’s internal storage, including images, videos, files, etc.

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