Georgia graduate Maria Taylor receives Buckeye baby clothing from Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

The highlight game on Saturday is Ohio State vs. Notre Dame, and NBC covered it extensively in the pregame. Georgia graduate

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Georgia graduate

A film about Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. was included in the package. He was questioned about what it was like to grow up having an NFL Hall of Famer for a father.

However, Harrison’s announcement that he had something for NBC’s Maria Taylor before revealing a set of Ohio State baby apparel to the host was the sweetest part of the conversation. The gesture undoubtedly moved Taylor.

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Although it’s difficult to see Taylor’s infant donning scarlet and red on a regular basis, red will undoubtedly be present in the wardrobe.

Taylor graduated from the University of Georgia, which entered Week 4 as the best team in the nation.

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After the video aired, Taylor shared a video of herself clutching the clothes, demonstrating how much she appreciated the gesture.

Georgia graduate

Given how the clock literally struck midnight on last season for Ohio State supporters, the idea of mixing Georgia and Ohio State might revive some scars, but it’s unquestionably a thoughtful gesture from the top NFL draft pick in the next year. Bulldog or Buckeye, what matters is the thought.

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Harrison has 14 catches for 304 yards and three touchdowns thus far this season as of Saturday. This season, Ohio State hopes to win the national championship, but Harrison is no stranger to the spotlight.

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