How to start a WhatsApp channel in 5 simple steps

You can exchange updates and information with an unlimited number of people via a WhatsApp channel. How to start a WhatsApp channel

The new ‘Channels’ option for sharing updates with followers was just launched by Meta, the owner of WhatsApp. This is a one-way platform, unlike communities. With an infinite audience, you may share text, pictures, videos, stickers, and links. Separate from your chats, channels have a tab called “Updates” all their own.

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The brand-new ‘Channel’ feature of WhatsApp is a one-way broadcasting tool that enables users to broadcast information to a big audience. Individuals, companies, and organizations can all use channels to share news, announcements, and information.

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How to start a WhatsApp channel

How to start a WhatsApp channel

How can a WhatsApp channel be created?

Follow these steps to set up a WhatsApp channel on your phone:

1. Go to the Updates tab in WhatsApp.
2. Select ‘New channel’ by tapping the addition sign (+).
3. the name and description of your channel
4. Include a channel icon if you choose.
5. Select Create channel.

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You can start sharing updates with your followers after creating a channel. Simply open the channel in question and tap the plus sign (+) to start a new message. Text, pictures, movies, stickers, and polls can all be shared.

In the Updates tab, your followers can see your updates. They can respond to your messages and provide comments as well.

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